A Passion for Small Business Digital Marketing

Written by: Admin

Published: 2023-08-25 15:06:04

I attended college in hopes of working in the medical field because I’ve always had a passion for helping others. However, I soon realized that there were many other ways of contributing to this world than through medicine. I was drawn to helping local communities benefit from innovation and the efficiencies of tech and the web. I found my gift and a niche, helping people and small businesses simplify often complex processes. I show them that they can achieve their goals through smart products and services more efficiently than he DIY approach, even on a tight budget.

I have seen the power of these in practice and have felt the buzz as a small business starts to get their message out and build quickly. It is fun and exciting. It is cathartic. I honestly believe that a life spent enabling entrepreneurs with the equalizing tools that have emerged in the new millennium will benefit as many people downstream as any career in a hospital. AND the food is way better!

Joseph Catrucco, Tether Media Sales Manager [email protected]